Monday, November 2, 2015

The talented children in the complex, "Steppe children band" were invited to Hohai University of Nanjing City to celebrate their 100th anniversary.

Our organization worked with the Chinese city of Nanjing University Hohai to celebrated their 100th anniversary.  This international student event was held in Nanjing and invited the talented "Steppe children" band of  our complex. We were welcomed and performed horse-head fiddle, Mongolian folk song, dance , throat singing and contortion performances for the 60 countries delegates.
In addition our children studying  Chinese folk art, and kungfu have received a training certificate. Our complex was  welcomed at the Ulaanbaatar City’s 376th anniversary, through art and  child development talent of the cultural campaign concert presented for Mongolian students and foreign students studying at Beijing Transportation University .




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